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Artistry in Mosaics hand-crafted ceramic and glass pool mosaics have been put to the test with large pool industry standards. When ceramics are installed inside pools, it’s vital that they are resistant to freezing, pool chemicals, and exceeds breaking strength standards. The leader in pool mosaics, Artistry in Mosaics (AIM) have been delivering quality products for two and a half decades, proving its role as the number one leader in collections. The American Society for Testing and Materials tests the quality for all Artistry in Mosaics products.

The ASTM C1026 tests the resistance to freeze-thaw cycle the specified material type. The standard is set at 15 cycles of freeze-thaw testing. Both ceramic and glass pool mosaics pass the test with no visible signs of damage. This concludes that the tiles are industry leading and allowable in any and all conditions. This is a major factor in mosaics when installing inside pools. For example, in low-temperature areas, it is common to see titles freeze which causes breakage. Both types of materials prove to be sustainable in extreme conditions.

The ASTM C650 tests the resistance to pool chemicals. The standard for this trial is to soak the material in the solution for 24 hours in 74-degree temperature. The results show no visible effect in either ceramic or glass. Results conclude that both types of products from Artistry in Mosaics are impermeable to pool chemicals and can be used inside and around pools. If the test is not passed discoloration and damage is likely to occur.

The ASTM C648 tests the average breaking strength of the tile. The test is done for both ceramic and glass pool mosaics. The test allows >250 lb breaking point. For the ceramic pool, the results are 418 pounds. The ceramic collection produces almost double the allowable breakage. The glass test also passes. However, results vary significantly based on multiple conditions. Overall, the mosaics exceed standards significantly for the ASTM C648.

Fired pool radiators are extremely protected to utilize. Perused on the sketched out focal points of using warmers with clay components. Furthermore, know the few perspectives that merit considering when settling on a decision and choosing the best kind of pool water warming gadget to introduce for your family’s swimming office.

Clay radiators work on the standard of conviction subsequently, there is a lower danger of the flame. Artistic components don’t get overheated in addition to your pool water gets equitably warmed. At the point when the power is turned on and once the loop gets warmed up, the warmth created is spread to the encompassing range.

Fired warmers are exceedingly proficient yet don’t deliver dangerous emanations since they work on power. This kind of warming gadget devours lower measures of power when worked appropriately.

The overall conclusion of these tests simply proves AIM brand of pool tiles to be an industry leading manufacturer and high-quality mosaics manufacturer that has been put to the trial and exceeded standards in all areas. Artistry in Mosaics guarantees that all products will meet or exceed the above standards and guarantee against manufacturing defects for a lifetime of the installation. The consumer is guaranteed quality when choosing Artistry as their source to buying ceramic and glass mosaics.


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