concrete swimming pool

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Concrete swimming pool can be the best investment in your home and family. Concrete pools not only increases the value of your property, but also add dimension and tranquility for the soul. There is nothing like water to soothe the savage beast.

concrete swimming pool

So, before you get all excited about concrete swimming pools, here are few things you need to consider:

New Concrete Pool Cost

Building a new concrete swimming pool can cost a lot of money. Depending on your location, design and size, concrete pool estimates generally run between $15000 up to $40000. Custom pools cost will be higher that regular pools depending design and work involved. With that said, there are many financing options available with rates that won’t strain the pocketbook. Find a lender that will offer swimming pool financing that gives tax breaks. Compare swimming pool quotes from local pool builders before making any decision.

Often the interest on the loan is tax deductible, and adding a concrete swimming pool only adds to the value of the home. Maybe an unsecured loan through your bank is something to consider, or perhaps refinancing your home and adding the cost of the pool. Not having to pay monthly for it will make that first dip infinitely more enjoyable.

Concrete Pool Designs and Accessories

Concrete pools can be built in design, size or any conceivable shape. Depending on particular design and size requirements, you may prefer a more shallow swimming pool design for the kids with a few pool accessories such as diving board or a slide. Also there are pool designs you may need to consider especially if you are sports-minded that enjoy swimming laps, working out and playing volleyball in the pool.

Consider putting in a beautiful deck for a family night barbeques. Imagine the cool lighting effects that will cast romantic shadows on your friend’s faces as they dance beside your brand new concrete swimming pool. That’s what memories are made for.

Concrete Pool Construction

Concrete swimming pool construction can usually be completed within 4 to 12 weeks, after obtaining the necessary permits. Your swimming pools constructor should be licensed and in good standing with the SPASA, offering feedback that works in accordance with your vision to make it a reality. Pool constructor should not focus on selling just any pool to you, but be realistic on the right pool for your backyard specifications and work within your budget. Constructor should be knowledgeable to customize your new concrete pool with additional features like waterfalls, jets, spas, patios and decking.

Concrete Pool Maintenance

Clean the pool filter at least weekly with a jet nozzle to get the dirt out, prolong life and to keep your concrete swimming pool clean. Twice a year it is advisable to soak the filter in Trisodium Phosphate. This degreaser can be found at your local hardware shop. This pool cleaner removes any body oils and makeup residue that can get inside the cycle of the filter. To clean the filter, fill a five gallon bucket with water, add 3 tablespoons of the Trisodium Phosphate and put in the filter. Soak the filter for about one hour, turn it around; rinse and repeat.

Check out this video Time lapse of a swimming pool being plastered!


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