Rubber Non Slip tile

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Non slip tiles for you swimming pool area

Rubber Non Slip tile

You may not be able to tell the difference between slippery and non slip tiles at first glance, but having slippery surfaces around your pool and home can be a liability. If you have a busy household, you’re probably already familiar with how much you, the kids and your pets accidentally slip on the flooring. Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for slippery tiles and live in fear of the next person who goes skidding across the wet ground or floors of your pool are. Anti slip paint and tiles are excellent solutions that are safe for indoor and outdoor flooring.

Anti slip tiles and paints are products that make floors slip-resistant. There are a variety of manufacturers that produce these products, which means each one offers its own unique properties. Some products are applied directly to the tile using a spray bottle. These sprays change the exterior of the floor to a rigid texture. You won’t notice any difference by looking at the tile, as the changes made are microscopic. Application is easy, although one spray bottle won’t go far, so these products are best for home use.


Use non slip tiles and anti slip paint to avoid slippery surfaces

Anti slip paint is applied with a brush or trowel. These paints combine such ingredients as resin, hardener and aggregate to provide the very strongest skid resistance. Non slip paint is safe for most floors, although you should always check with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Generally speaking, anti slip paint can be used on anything from concrete to wood. The application process is more involved, but you can cover a large area and choose from a variety of colors.

No matter which type of anti slip paint you choose, these solutions are permanent. One application is all you need to give your floors the slip resistance they need, making non slip paint a cost-effective solution. Sometimes however, it’s best to avoid having slippery tile in the first place. There are a variety of non slip tiles that can be installed that will provide you with the peace of mind you need to keep your home safe.

Examples of non slip tiles include rubber floor tiles, rubber mulch and anti-slip tread covers. Rubber tiles can be used both indoors and outdoors and are ideal for outdoor play areas, equine areas, exercise rooms and swimming pools. Both rubber tiles and mulch can be made from recycled tire rubber, making them eco-friendly.

These anti slip tiles provide excellent traction and absorb shock and impact, which can help in case of a fall. Plus, rubber won’t harbor bacteria and mildew. If you purchase rubber tiles, look for those that are interlocking so you can handle the installation yourself.

To keep the rest of your outdoor area safe, be sure to consider anti-slip step, stair and landing covers. These can be placed on the pool deck, on a patio or the stairs coming off the deck so that you, your family and your visitors have a save, non-slip path to travel on. These non slip tiles can be made from vinyl or rubber and are attractive and available in a variety of colors.

By giving added attention to the types of anti slip pool tiles that are available, as well as how you can make your floors safe by using non slip paint, you are avoiding one of the most common accidents and protecting those that live in and visit your home.

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